Architectural Design Services and Advice

Babak Fadavi-Anbiayee graduated Master of Architecture in 1998 from IAU Tehran Central Brach and has a Ph.D. degree in Architecture from IAU Science and Research Branch. He has a strong academic background and 25 years of experience in architectural design with various scales of design, from single-family houses to residential complexes of 1200 units.

Fadavi Design Studio was initially established in 1998 in Iran to practice residential buildings mainly for the private sector; as of 2022, it is re-established as a registered design firm that provides full-service design for residential buildings in Ontario, Canada.

Custom Home Design

Designing a brand new home is one of my fields of expertise. I will maximize the client's benefits in terms of space, forms, shape, and characteristics, in addition to providing the best views and orientations, while minimizing the budgets and being reasonable in this economy, so It is unique, comfortable, and economical.  

Renovation & Addition

Renovation and addition to a building is my favorite practice in the field of architecture. Significant value could be added to a home with a bit of change in design. Making adjustments to the existing parts of a building is the way in which, on the one hand, creates client satisfaction and, on the other hand; it is more green and sustainable. 

Interior Improvement

Interior improvement has a wide range of changes to the interior space: from removing a single wall to redesigning an entire plan, from adding a bathroom or en-suite to upgrading a kitchen. Interior improvement is a good solution to satisfying clients' new needs and desires.

Basement Design

Having a basement in the dwelling house is an asset and adds value to a property, especially in this tough economy. The process involves designing it as a second unit, walk-out, or walk-up to the back or side yard. 

Affordable Housing

From an architectural designer's point of view, affordable housing is a social responsibility of designers and is a contribution to society. From an investor's view, it could be an excellent opportunity for large-scale development and, for consumers, sometimes; it could be the only chance to have a better life. Based on my academic background and years of professional experience in this field, I have a profound understanding of affordable housing design and principles. I am always looking for an opportunity to design affordable housing. 


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